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Dr. Min Rex Cheung
Flushing Radiation Oncology Service, USA


Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 3

Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 1 Issue 1



Evaluation of Commercially Available Multivalent Modified-Live Viral Vaccines on Health and Performance in Feedlot Cattle

Bovine respiratory disease complex (BRD) continues to be the single most costly loss associated with commercial beef production in the United States, accounting for 1,0555,000 animals lost in 2010 valued at $643 million. Bovine respiratory disease is the result of a combination of pathogenic microorganisms infecting the host animal and stress. 


Gastrointestinal Events Associated with Ipilimumab, Pazopanib, Anti PD1- Antibody and Their Management: Single and Combination Therapies

Immunotherapy of cancer has made significant advances in the past few years mainly due to the improved understanding of underlying principles of tumor pathology and immunology. Currently many malignancies are being treated by immunotherapy. Including malignant melanoma, advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC), Non-small cell lung cancer, and prostate cancer. 


Encapsulation of Allergens into Chitosan-Alginate Nanoparticles Prevents IgE Binding

Allergens used for allergen specific immunotherapy (ASIT) can induce side effects due to the binding of IgE immobilized on mast cells to allergens. To prevent IgE binding, recombinant allergens from house dust mites (HDM) Dermatophagoides farinae Der f 2 or Aspergillus fumigatus (AF) fungi Asp f 3 were encapsulated into nanoparticles (NPs) developed from biodegradable polymers chitosan and alginate.

Journal Highlights

  • DNA Vaccination
  • Inactivated Vaccine
  • Live Vector Vaccine
  • Attenuated Vaccine
  • Heterologous Vaccine
  • Toxoid
  • Active Immunization
  • Passive Immunization
  • DNA Vaccines
  • Live, Attenuated Vaccines
  • Inactivated Vaccines
  • Subunit Vaccines
  • Conjugate Vaccines
  • DNA Vaccines
  • Recombinant Vector Vaccines
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